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S. N. Gilman

Designer & Illustrator


About the Artist

   Sara grew up in Hollywood with a Disney Imagineer for a father and much of the rest of her family involved in the entertainment industry. From very early on she had a drawing tool in hand, sketching magical worlds and creatures.


   An avid equestrian, she went on to ride, train, and work in the horse industry for several years before settling in at Savannah College Of Art & Design (SCAD) where she wanted to learn to draw anything and everything. She eventually turned to themed entertainment design and illustration for the entertainment world she'd grown up in.


   She has since designed and illustrated for attractions throughout the world including the THEA Award Winning DreamWorks Animation Zone in MOTIONGATE Dubai, UAE, and projects for Disney's Parks & Resorts, Disney Imagineering, and Universal Creative among others.

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