Sara Gilman

Designer & Illustrator

About the Artist

   Sara grew up in the middle of Hollywood's entertainment industry with a father as a Disney Imagineer and the much of the rest of her family involved in the entertainment industry. From very early on she had a drawing tool in hand.


   An avid equestrian, she went on to ride, train, and work in the horse industry for several years before settling in at Savannah College Of Art & Design. While studying she took an interest in themed entertainment design, combining both the world she knew and the art she loved.


   World travel had also has a profound effect on her work. She has lived and studied abroad in both Hong Kong and Tokyo as well as visited much of the US, Italy, Greece and Turkey. She has a passion for travel and other cultures, appreciating their aesthetic, languages and customs which show up in many of her designs.


   Sara's desire is for her artwork and design to provide guests with the magic and adventure she experienced while growing up.

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